Inland Counties Judicial Mentorship Program

San Bernardino Superior Court has an overall need of 43 judges – the highest need in the state. “We are pleased to be working with the Governor’s Judicial Appointment Secretary Luis Céspedes to see that our bench becomes more diverse and reflective of the greater diversity in the state of California and San Bernardino County as a whole,” said Presiding Judge Michael A. Sachs.

In partnership with Riverside and Imperial Superior Courts, the Inland Counties Judicial Mentorship Program is intended to bring awareness of the judicial needs in San Bernardino, Riverside and Imperial Counties while providing support to prospective candidates during the process. For more information, visit the San Bernardino, Riverside and Imperial Superior Court websites.

The purpose of this program is to formalize the recruitment and development of qualified and diverse judicial candidates. The program is designed to identify, encourage and provide mentors for all individuals considering a judicial career.

If an attorney is interested in applying to be a judge, they will be invited to speak to the Presiding Judge for an introduction and overview of the program. Prospective applicants will be offered one-on-one mentorship by a judge assigned to discuss career objectives, answer questions, and review the application. Participation in the mentor program is not a guarantee of appointment.

San Bernardino, Riverside and Imperial Superior Courts collaborate with local bar association that already have judicial recruitment programs. The program is not intended to replace existing bar programs, but to complement efforts by providing bar associations with current insight into the Governor’s judicial qualifications and priorities.

Prospective applicants should complete the Judicial Mentor Program Request Form and contact the Executive Office by calling 909-708-8767 to schedule an appointment to meet with the Presiding Judge. For more information and instructions on how to complete the Judicial Applicant Application, please visit the State of California’s website